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geiko Umesato by WATASAN on Flickr

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I’m a special snowflake, totes unique.
From my self made crown, to my glittered feet.
When you don’t accept me, hear me shout!
I stamp my feet and groan and pout!

I’m a clever snowflake, yes, indeed!
I’m the only one that the gods pay heed.
I demand your recognition or there’s hell to pay!
I’ll hold my breath ‘til I get my way!

(To be sung to the tune or “I’m A Little Teapot.” Blame soulbitesoptima. She inspired it.)

I regret nothing. -M.

Love it


Audrey Hepburn photographed by Bud Fraker for Funny Face (1957) (via)


Audrey Hepburn photographed by Bud Fraker for Funny Face (1957) (via)

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The Sumida River.  Ukiyo-e woodblock print.   1771, Japan.  Artist Shiba Kokan

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Samurai battle

The reason women are turning you down for casual sex seems to be that, for one thing, a lot of you are calling them sluts afterward. Also, a lot of you aren’t bothering to try to be good in bed.

Terri Conley, professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan (link)


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So fucking relevant

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