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TMW you ask the cards about a thing you’re working on and the cards say once you’ve killed the idea completely then everything will work out alright.

Bonus: I was overheard muttering profusely under my breath, and the eavesdropper suggested I use Angel [oracle] cards because “Angels are always looking out for us.”. The type of mirth that statement brought me was the opposite of her intent, I’m sure.

just shot coffee out my nose…now everything smells like coffee


while (bored == true) {
    do shenanigans;



Today’s Bounty paper towel says: “You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.”

The Hell? When did paper towels become an oracle? 

At Whole Foods, we don’t have any rotting, decaying matter mixed into our products. There are no secret blood rooms in our stores, where we keep the secret blood.

None of the boxes of cereal contain spiders. And if they did, they would be very friendly, helpful spiders. Boy, wouldn’t you be lucky to find a spider like that in a box of Whole Foods cereal! Or, not just one hundreds of them. But anyway, you won’t.

Whole Foods serves only the freshest food, and we certainly do not keep venomous snakes under the fruit in our produce section! Why would we? That would be dangerous, and not good for business. No on has died of a snake bite at Whole Foods. No one you know.

Whole Foods. Why in the world would we poison our frozen dinners? We definitely do not do that!

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 49 - Old Oak Doors Part A

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Glad to see we have our priorities straight

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"My awesome friend Cristina Scabbia, putting on her best duckface! And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love her!"

Photo by Tim Tronckoe.